Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You’re Getting Big, but Not So Big

Mom went out last night with her Torah study group. When I put you to bed and turned your light off, it may have been 10 seconds before you came down the stairs to tell me you had a nightmare. Me, being the smart dad, figured you really didn't have a nightmare. So when you asked if you could go sleep in our bed, I immediately told you to go ahead. Not having Mom around is a scary thing, agreed.

When Mom and I finally went upstairs to go to sleep, she tried to pick you up but you weren't making it easy. She asked me if we should just go with a "Joe Sandwich" which meant leaving you in the middle of our bed. But you know what, you're getting big and there really isn't room for you and Mom and me in our bed.

So Mom finally wrestled you to the edge and was barely able to pick you up to take you into your room. I asked her if I could do it, but she insisted she was okay. It looked like your feet were dragging on the floor on the way down the hall. You sack of potatoes!

Whenever you need to escape the nightmares, our room is there for you. But in a little while you may find yourself waking up in the morning there alone. Mom and I will have to find somewhere else to sleep 'cause there will be no room for us on our bed and you'll be too big to "relocate."

Monday, December 8, 2008

Paul... Don't Forget!

You told me this morning that when you have a son you'll name him Paul. I said I'd write it down and remind you when the time comes. I asked if you'd name your daughter Paula, and you said, "Sure."

Ravens Win!

Joe, you gotta put your belt on right and I need to be a better videographer. You were untouched on this run to the endzone, but your flag belt fell off so they brought the ball back.

I learned a bit about filming football games in the freezing cold. Hopefully, I will do a better job next week. I need to not get excited when you catch a pass because then the camera goes all over the place.

Today I bought you a Under Armour balaclava today 'cause you said your nose and mouth were freezing. Interestingly, you tossed off your hat during the game since you said you were otherwise warm. Me, I'm pretty cold. You, nothing seems to bother you. As long as you don't get frostbite I am fine with what you want to wear or not wear though I draw the line at bare feet.

Your Ravens team eked out another win by one touchdown, so next week is the conference championship followed by the Super Bowl later in the day. Hopefully, you guys will win the first game and make it to the show.

Whatever happens, it has been a really fun season.

Joe's Raven's Playoff Game from Allen Goldberg on Vimeo.

Arty Farty

Here are some pictures from your field trip last week to the National Gallery of Art. We are so lucky to live where we do. Jack went to the redone National Museum of American History and the Air & Space Museum yesterday with Debbie and Aaron.

Thanks for wearing a white shirt so you'd stick out of the crowd.


You dissected a fish in class. You told me how you touched the eyeball. You said none of the girls did that.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Let's Go Caps!

Hugh gave us tickets to go see the Caps last night. We had such a great time. It didn't hurt that they won 5-2.

You were seriously jonesing for an Ovechkin jersey. We settled on an Ovechkin t-shirt that was a mere $100 less than the kids jersey. I love that you danced all the way down 19th Street when we got off the Metro, slept in your new t-shirt and wore it to school the next day.

A few of my friends emailed me today to say they saw us on the Jumbotron. One of the cameras in the Verizon Center focused on you during the "Smilecam" promotion. Unfortunately, when I told you to smile you did just the opposite.

You also frowned when I explained that the person with the "winning smile" takes home a nice prize. I seriously doubt that experience will teach you to (1) listen to me sometimes, or (2) not be so cool all the time that you can't flash your beautiful smile.

Thanks for going with me anyway!

Joe in his First Grade class at JPDS