Monday, October 20, 2008

You've added a sport!

Not that your incredible focus on baseball isn't a good thing, but this is fun.

You and your buddies are loving those mouth guards. I like the photo of Andrew with his. It looks like he has black teeth.

It is so beautiful outside right now as you can see in the photos. You are playing on a field not too far from where I grew up. Even though it is about a mile away from my old house, I have never seen this park before.

I know Mom wants to come to your next game.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We are still celebrating your birthday. They are never one-day affairs anymore. Birthday cake in London, presents in Washington, DC, celebration at school and sleepover party next week at home.

How can you be so young when Henry was so old when he turned 7.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We started your birthday celebration last night while we are in London.

Aunt Abby baked a cake, Rachel decorated it (with chocolate icing and edible Simpsons figures) and Noah poked it with his finger.

You and Noah are at loggerheads. He is just a little rascal and it is tough for you to "walk away" or be the "bigger man" every time he grabs your things or aggravates you.

I know it is asking a lot of a kid who is 6 years and 361 days old. I know you're doing the best you can.

We'll keep the party rolling when we are back on our shores. I told Papa Teddy that you want Mario Super Slugger for the Wii as your birthday present. He thought it was tough thinking of a present for you, saying how easy it is to buy something for Jack - books, books and computer stuff.

But you are the easiest of them all. Baseball, baseball and baseball.

Happy almost birthday.

Joe in his First Grade class at JPDS