Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Are in your pajamas. You have inserted both legs into one leg of your pj bottoms. And you are kicking a soccer ball. In the family room. It is time for bed. You are hopping up the stairs with Mom.

The Caps are playing the Bruins. I am taping it for you. The last thing you asked me was if I'd get you up early tomorrow to watch before we have to go catch the bus for school. You are a focused, committed kid. 

Actually, This is Our Home Next to Our Home

Verizon Center - Our Home Away from Home

We have gone to so many games recently - Caps, Hoyas and Wizards. We've been lucky enough to have great seats. I hope you are enjoying yourself. This is the one place where you actually sit somewhat still. I do like to watch you bounce up and down on your seat. Last night we watch Shaq manhandle the Wizards. It was a fun game and even more fun because I was there with you.





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Sunday, January 25, 2009


I made good on the get outside in the cold pledge. Today was just you and me.

We went next door to Stoddert and reenacted Super Bowl XXII. We had just watched the highlights on the NFL channel (they're running all the past Super Bowl highlights in a run up to the game this weekend) before heading out. It warmed my heart when you suggested I be Doug Williams and you took on the roles of Gary Clark, Ricky Sanders and Clint Didier. I threw you touchdown passes, our endzone was two large orange traffic cones, as we lived that great second quarter all over again. You were also Timmy Smith and rambled down the field for long touchdown runs.

I have a picture of me and Gary Clark that I will find and show you. My old girlfriend Sue Goldstein knew him and arranged for me to get my picture taken with him.

When I got tired I had the inspired idea we go find some street hockey sticks and a net at a sporting goods store. We got lucky with the third store I called but when we drove out to Sports Authority in Rockville we learned that both sticks were left handed. That stunk.

We did have a good time tonight watching the NHL All Star Game. Thankfully it started early enough that you could see most of it - and Ovechkin's goal - before you had to head up to go to sleep. The other leagues can learn something from that. Thanks for an awesome day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Joe, you make me feel nauseated and give me a headache whenever we are in the family room watching TV. Seriously.

It stinks that sometimes I can't stand to be in the same room as you.

You are unable to sit still. Ever. But it is more than being fidgety. You run and jump and slide and dive and somersault and dribble balls - all in such a small space. The carpet is worn and the couch is spent. I really admire your energy and wish you could give me some.

I truly wish that we had an indoor gymnasium or practice facility attached to the house so you can spend some of that energy. I am surprised and happy that you have (1) not broken the TV, and (2) not broken your neck when you dive onto the couch. I hope writing this means that you will not hurt yourself. Magical thinking rules!

When I ask you to give it a rest but it never lasts more than a few seconds. I know we need a big yard and we need to live somewhere that is warm year-round and somewhere you can have friends who live next door and will play with you. I often feel that you are a caged animal here, and I am sorry about that.

We'll work on this. There is no reason that we can't just head outside and get busy - no matter how cold it is.

Joe in his First Grade class at JPDS