Saturday, January 24, 2009


Joe, you make me feel nauseated and give me a headache whenever we are in the family room watching TV. Seriously.

It stinks that sometimes I can't stand to be in the same room as you.

You are unable to sit still. Ever. But it is more than being fidgety. You run and jump and slide and dive and somersault and dribble balls - all in such a small space. The carpet is worn and the couch is spent. I really admire your energy and wish you could give me some.

I truly wish that we had an indoor gymnasium or practice facility attached to the house so you can spend some of that energy. I am surprised and happy that you have (1) not broken the TV, and (2) not broken your neck when you dive onto the couch. I hope writing this means that you will not hurt yourself. Magical thinking rules!

When I ask you to give it a rest but it never lasts more than a few seconds. I know we need a big yard and we need to live somewhere that is warm year-round and somewhere you can have friends who live next door and will play with you. I often feel that you are a caged animal here, and I am sorry about that.

We'll work on this. There is no reason that we can't just head outside and get busy - no matter how cold it is.

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Joe in his First Grade class at JPDS