Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shoots, scores.

You scored your team's only goal yesterday. This is a pretty extreme angle you hit. Way to go Joe!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yesterday was a lot of fun. I love the father/son bonding we have around the Capitals. I was so bummed that you didn't get a chance to meet Ovechkin. I promised you it will happen one day and it will. I know that you are conscious of the fact that Mom and I met Derek Jeter and that Henry hung out with Cal Ripken and Jack had lunch with David Ortiz. You had a great time in that rink just shooting the Wiffle Balls into the net.

You're interesting. You don't like to do anything unless you are confident you can do it well. That kept you off the bike, out of the pool and away from organized soccer for so long. I've asked a number of times if you want to play hockey but you are so hesitant. And then yesterday after you had all of that time shooting, you said to me, "Hey, I'm pretty good." It reminded me of what you said after your first soccer game ever two weeks ago, when you walked off the field your reaction was, "I didn't mess up."

You're the kind of person who is good at whatever they choose to do, especially if it is physical. I envy that. But it may take a while for you to realize this superpower of yours. It is probably a nice thing that you are not overconfident.

Of course I would have liked yesterday even more if you agreed to go our for dinner afterward. You really never want to go out to eat. You don't have a favorite restaurant. You don't have a favorite food.

This morning I came downstairs and you were having a bag of Oreos for breakfast. I came up from the basement a few minutes ago and you were having a bag of Chips Ahoy for lunch. If I didn't do anything I am positive it would be ice cream for dinner. You pretty much eat ice cream for dinner anyway. You'll eat a tiny bit of what Mom or I serve and then it is straight to the freezer.

I ask you if I can get you something "real" or "normal" to eat and you're already full. You don't have an ounce of body fat and I know you'll grow up healthy and fine, but I wonder if you're not missing something by not having a better diet. Would you be bigger, stronger? I am sure the hockey players we saw yesterday have had their fair share of ice cream for dinner.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm So Sorry

Last night Mom told me that when you came off the bus yesterday you told her that you gotten sad at school. There was a discussion in your class about things that you care about and your buddy Aaron Knishkowy said he cares about Hope for Henry. And then you said you care about Hope for Henry too.

Mom also said that you explained that a girl in your class, one who likes to get up in your grill (she probably likes you) said to you that she didn't care about Hope for Henry and that it was stupid. That was not a nice thing to say and I'm sorry you had to hear it.

You told her that not too long after that during a quiet moment you started to get tears in your eyes and felt - right then and there - like Henry had just died.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yikes, it is almost 10 pm and you're still up. But I will say you did a pretty good job of faking that you were asleep. Hopefully the game will end soon.

Love you!

p.s. I am pulling for your Yanks too 'cause Bill said he'd get tickets for you, me, him and Brian if the Bombers go to the World Series.

Sweet Yankee Dreams

Mom was at Jack's JDS back-to-school night tonight so I got a rare opportunity to put you to bed. After we read the entry about Mike Green in your hockey book, we turned off the light and you turned on your iTouch in its docking station. I said, "Hey, why don't you listen to the Yankees game while you fall asleep."

I showed you how to listen to the game on WCBS radio in New York through your MLB app. You were so excited and I was psyched I could do the hook up. I am going up to check on you now to see if you've fallen asleep. I am a little afraid that you'll still be awake. Hope I didn't just make bedtime harder, but one of the greatest things about being a kid is listening to baseball in bed at night. I'm glad you're getting to experience it.

Monday, July 13, 2009


And I love that you learned to write.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dirt = Fun

Joe, I try and try but I can't get your baseball pants clean. I wonder why!

I ordered you four new pairs of baseball pants for this summer to wear at Home Run baseball camp. I figure that if you "spread the dirt," so to speak, across a bunch of uniforms then you won't look too much like Pig Pen. He's a character from Peanuts, the comic strip.

In Mom's and my math, being dirty equals having fun. Look at this picture of you - even your shadow is filthy. Clearly, you both seem to be really enjoying yourselves.

Click to view dirt up close

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Burps, Farts & Poop

This is as good an accounting as anything as to your interests and tastes at this moment in your life.

(click for full size image)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jealous Again

Last night you went with Nana, Papa Sy and Cousin Josh to the Nats v. Red Sox game. Your seats were the first row behind the National's dugout. You came back with autographs and baseballs - and a present for me. A National's license plate. Not exactly sure where I'll put it, but I am very touched you thought to get me something.

It was a great game and very dramatic. You got to see Big Papi stroke a 3-run shots. Sad that the Nat's couldn't come back, but they played well.

I've said this a hundred times - I am worried about the possible let-down for you when it comes time to join the rest of humanity and sit in normal seats. You and Jack have been so incredibly fortunate through the years to sit in some of the best seats in the house for all types of sporting events. Well, I guess the best thing to do is enjoy it while it lasts.

Love you.


Monday, June 22, 2009


You just got an iTouch yesterday (I am very jealous) and Jack and I have been loading it with fun things for you to play with and watch. I put a whole bunch of pictures of you on it. Basically I took my "Joe" folder of photos and transferred them to your iTouch. We were sitting on the couch and you were flipping through them when you came up to this one -

You asked what this picture is and I explained that it was you and Henry when Henry was sick. Actually it is right before he died. I asked if you wanted me to take it off. You said, no. You said that you like that Henry was always happy and never scared. You said that twice. "Dad, Henry was never scared."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Complete Player

Joe, I am incredibly proud of you. What Seth said, that this is your first - of many - championships, is true. You and your team did great coming from behind to win the Capitol City Little League American Division Spring 2009 title.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Truth Fairy?

Hey, you lost your first tooth. Actually teeth. In your true overachiever fashion, you lost two teeth at once. You were chewing on a chocolate milk box and out they came. You didn't like that story and started fashioning a more dramatic one. When Mom came home you explained how you fell and then your teeth came out. You omitted the milk box part.

I explained the tooth fairy would be visiting you. You said that you "weren't that stupid" and knew it was me and Mom. I said "don't be so sure."

You want to bring the teeth in to "share" at school tomorrow.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's Go Caps!

I just told you that it was time to go up and get ready for bed. You looked like you were about to cry. Why? Because the Caps are playing. You don't want to miss a minute. I am such a soft touch (not as soft as Mom, though) so I agreed to let you stay up through 2 periods.

I love this about you. You care. A lot. You're a fan.

We went to the game the other night (thank you, Hugh) and we saw our first loss. Bummer. But you put a great spin on it when we got home. You told Mom that it wasn't all that bad because Ovechkin scored and we got a free hat thrown to us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Clearly a Hand-Me-Down

The Indoor Practice Facility

I signed you up for two Little League teams yesterday and today talked to Uncle Andrew to figure out whether you are ready for kid pitch with the 9 and 10 year olds. I should have talked to you first.

When I came home tonight I asked you about it and you said you were uncomfortable playing kid pitch. You don't want to get hit and I don't blame you. Good call.

Here are some pictures that I took off Papa Sy's camera. He took these photos when he and Nana were watching you and Jack last week. Seems you don't save the jumpin', sliding and tumbling for me.

Proof that you loved the Caps from the time you were very young

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Are in your pajamas. You have inserted both legs into one leg of your pj bottoms. And you are kicking a soccer ball. In the family room. It is time for bed. You are hopping up the stairs with Mom.

The Caps are playing the Bruins. I am taping it for you. The last thing you asked me was if I'd get you up early tomorrow to watch before we have to go catch the bus for school. You are a focused, committed kid. 

Actually, This is Our Home Next to Our Home

Verizon Center - Our Home Away from Home

We have gone to so many games recently - Caps, Hoyas and Wizards. We've been lucky enough to have great seats. I hope you are enjoying yourself. This is the one place where you actually sit somewhat still. I do like to watch you bounce up and down on your seat. Last night we watch Shaq manhandle the Wizards. It was a fun game and even more fun because I was there with you.





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Sunday, January 25, 2009


I made good on the get outside in the cold pledge. Today was just you and me.

We went next door to Stoddert and reenacted Super Bowl XXII. We had just watched the highlights on the NFL channel (they're running all the past Super Bowl highlights in a run up to the game this weekend) before heading out. It warmed my heart when you suggested I be Doug Williams and you took on the roles of Gary Clark, Ricky Sanders and Clint Didier. I threw you touchdown passes, our endzone was two large orange traffic cones, as we lived that great second quarter all over again. You were also Timmy Smith and rambled down the field for long touchdown runs.

I have a picture of me and Gary Clark that I will find and show you. My old girlfriend Sue Goldstein knew him and arranged for me to get my picture taken with him.

When I got tired I had the inspired idea we go find some street hockey sticks and a net at a sporting goods store. We got lucky with the third store I called but when we drove out to Sports Authority in Rockville we learned that both sticks were left handed. That stunk.

We did have a good time tonight watching the NHL All Star Game. Thankfully it started early enough that you could see most of it - and Ovechkin's goal - before you had to head up to go to sleep. The other leagues can learn something from that. Thanks for an awesome day.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Joe, you make me feel nauseated and give me a headache whenever we are in the family room watching TV. Seriously.

It stinks that sometimes I can't stand to be in the same room as you.

You are unable to sit still. Ever. But it is more than being fidgety. You run and jump and slide and dive and somersault and dribble balls - all in such a small space. The carpet is worn and the couch is spent. I really admire your energy and wish you could give me some.

I truly wish that we had an indoor gymnasium or practice facility attached to the house so you can spend some of that energy. I am surprised and happy that you have (1) not broken the TV, and (2) not broken your neck when you dive onto the couch. I hope writing this means that you will not hurt yourself. Magical thinking rules!

When I ask you to give it a rest but it never lasts more than a few seconds. I know we need a big yard and we need to live somewhere that is warm year-round and somewhere you can have friends who live next door and will play with you. I often feel that you are a caged animal here, and I am sorry about that.

We'll work on this. There is no reason that we can't just head outside and get busy - no matter how cold it is.

Joe in his First Grade class at JPDS