Monday, September 22, 2008

I'd love to find something like this in the Washington area for you to participate in. I think it will teach you humility and sensitivity for others.

Buddy Baseball

Keshet Buddy Baseball All Star Game Keshet's Buddy Baseball allows children with physical and developmental disabilities to participate in the all-American sport of baseball and with the help of typical teenagers, it allows friendships to form and substantial barriers to be dissolved.

This year hundreds of players, fans and buddies joined Keshet at
Wrigley Field for the 5th annual all-star game. We were joined by our friends from Chicago Youth Programs, an organization which serves at-risk youths from the Cabrini Green, Washington Park, and Uptown Community.

Keshet's Buddy baseball is an opportunity like no other for children with disabilities.

I've looked all over the Internet but haven't found anything like this in Washington, DC. I wonder if this is something we can start here. I will lob an email into the Chicago organizers to see what they say. 

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Joe in his First Grade class at JPDS